Physical Security Technologies


Ovit provides the range of managed and unmanaged services for CCTV and physical security monitoring. Customers can choose elements best suited to their business and security needs. The services range from design, installation, commission and through-life support.

  • Aerospace (antidrone security)

  • CCTV Cameras

  • Access Control

  • Automated Gates and Barriers

  • Image analysis, recognition and analytics

  • Lighting control

  • Advanced intrusion detection and identification, including seismic, pressure, volumetric, movement, visible, sound and heat detectors 

  • Long range surveillance including thermal imaging

  • Video analytics and behavioral analysis

  • Advanced recording and analysis

  • Access Control and validation

  • Alarm Management

  • PA systems with automated messaging options

  • Storage and Back Up of video

  • On-Line retrieval of video



Enhanced Security


Our professional, ex-military team, provide a high quality and bespoke security solution for customers with higher risk or unique security requirements.

We select, train and deploy skilled and experienced personnel, often at short notice. Our enhanced security offering is comprised of security services trained above the standard of national guarding  license.

  • Enhanced Security Officer

  • Security and Safety Officers

  • Close Protection Teams                           (VIP Professionals)

  • Special Protection services (ex-special forces)

  • Armed - Escorts ( with notice & under legal requirements)

  • Armored cars 

Tailor Made

Security Services


Ovit realize that every customer is different. Our expertise able us  to configure what is your really risk and exposure. Our team will calculate your exposure and offer you a tailor made solution exactly for your needs. 

  • Facility Characterization

  • Threat Analysis     

  • Consequence Analysis 

  • Current security system effectiveness

    • Physical Security Penetration Test​

  • Risk Estimation

  • impact analysis

  • Risk Reduction Strategies

  • Security Masterplan Drafting

  • Ovit Security System Proposal

  • Physical Sec. Professionals Recruitment



Security Services

Our uniformed teams of security professionals undertake a wide range of complementary duties, from safeguarding a building to top level customer service on reception.  

Our security services combine with the Ovit's platform provide incident management and reporting.


This ensures optimal efficiency and compliance across a single or multi-site environments.

  • Manned security services

  • Access and egress control     

  • Emergency response officers 

  • Ticket/pass control

  • Tactical emergency response

  • Customer services (meet and greet)

  • CCTV equipment maintenance

  • Chauffeur services

  • Reception and concierge

  • Back office

Ovit  Shoplifting Prevention


Thefts caused by shoplifters, either amateurs or professionals, cost retailers thousand of euros annually in lost profit. For those of you, who consider to reduce your shrinkage and increase your profitability, then Ovit's Shoplifting Prevention services is the right choice! 

  • Employees First                                                  

    • Employees Training in shoplifting prevention
    • Shoplifting Prevention Webinars
    • Security Awareness Training ​

  • Ovit in cooperation with your HR department will implement all best practices in order to prevent shoplifting.


Dedrone Airspace Security

With our holistic approach and solid security background we dissolve the clouds of uncertainty on any need related to the security and privacy of your business, family and life. Our scope is to create the safest and most secured environment ever. 

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