Threat Analysis Risk Assessment


At Ovit, we prove our expertise. Before undertaking any project, we execute procedures such as:


• Vulnerability Assessment

• Threat Analysis

• Facility Characterization

• Threat Impact & Consequence Analysis

• Security System Effectiveness Assessments

• Risk Estimations & Risk Reduction Strategies

Security planning - Security Policy Creation

IN ACCORDANCE WITH BS 16000:2015, BS 7499:2013  & EN ISO 27001:2013


After we shall draft and provide a series of plans & procedures, tailored to facility’s risk exposure & client’s specific needs, according to risk assessment’s & threat analysis findings.


• Security Master Plan Drafting

• Job Descriptions

• Emergency Responce Plans-Procedures

HR Best Practices

IN ACCORDANCE WITH BS 7858:2012  & EN ISO 9001:2008

With the completion of planning the stage of implementation starts. Our core procedures, in order to improve security personnel competitiveness and wellbeing include:
• OPQ tests from licensed SHL assessors
• Background personnel checks
• Physical Security Awareness Training
• Rotational assignments
• Performance Appraisals
• Perks
• Teambuilding activities
• Job Description & Continuous training
• Physical condition tests

Security Management & Monitor Technologies

IN ACCORDANCE WITH BS 16000:2015, EN ISO 27001:2013

After planning and implementation a series of technologies are implemented in order to monitor and improve the level of security with Next Gen Patrol Management & Real Time  Reporting System, ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 certified. We implement cutting edge technology in order to monitor, control and, if necessary, remediate security on-the-job. Our solutions provide the ability to interact with the security personnel even from a smartphone, through a 24/7 web based, interactive channel.
They include:
• Real-time, Video & Audio file transferring

• Live Reporting, instantly available for viewing, upon completion & uploading.

• Easy access to live reports history, even for a year back.

• Patrol, timetable and route, configuration via checkpoint’s mounting on designated spots, or geolocation.

• Alerts, if a patrol checkpoint is checked out of the designated timetable, or if the checkpoint is missed.

• GPS triangulation and patrol route mapping, displayed live on Google Maps. Signal accuracy can be

reduced to less than 7-9 meters, if WiFi connection exists.

• Panic Button.

• Live employee shift monitoring, for current and upcoming shifts.

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