Checkpoint Tour System

Our Tour System is an innovative upgrade to the traditional guard tour checkpoint system. The system uses technology to improve the functional components of the traditional guard tour checkpoint system.

Real Time Alerts

Instant updates via our dashboard, SMS, or email – Changing Shifts or openings all transparent to our clients. We send alerts or panic incidents in real-time.

Incident Reports

We use customizable and searchable activity and incident reports-Robust data collection fields such as pictures and signatures -Download or email reports instanstly from the Ovit dashboard


LOCATE GUARDS IN REAL-TIME. GPS is a vital component to creating a comprehensive guard tracking system. Ovit provides an aerial view of its entire security guard operation as well as rich documentation of each guard’s location history

Time Keeping

At Ovit we use a  a time keeping system built to provide the flexibility and functionality we need to monitor field workforces and shift records.Our field workforce to clock-in and out from a list of authorized phone devices that we select.

Guard Scheduling

We use a transparent shift scheduling program which is published in real time to our clients & Greek regulatory authorities. Our Clients see in real time How much the labor works,Who, Where & When

Real Time Incident Reporting

Typical incident reporting systems are abrasively rigid, inflexible. We use an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface that allow to our guards you to report on a virtual Smartphone.

You will see in real time exactly what our guard sees when he/She access each report from the field.

We build incident reports that capture: picture, signatures, detailed notes, diagrams, and more. Ovit reporting procedure is built to facilitate your unique incident report needs.

Common Reports Our Clients Enjoy:


Incident Reports

Daily Activity Reports (DAR)

Emergency  Reports

Visitor Logs

Disciplinary Reports

Facility Inspection and Maintenance

Digital reports make it possible to collect unique data

Reports work in real-time – build it and deploy it instantly

Reports are searchable by report types through a Complete historical data

Ovit backs-up the data

Collect data that is relevant to security incidents