[BS 7499:2013, BS 7858:2012]

Ovit Level 2 Security services deploys security teams staffed by trained, security professionals. At Ovit, we are committed to achieving superior security outcomes, in even the most challenging and hazardous circumstances.

Ovit Executive Protection Service provides high quality, customized security services for our public clients with unique and demanding security needs. Headed by former Hellenic Army officers and Certified Protection Professionals, our EPT is specially trained groups of highly trained security professionals who provide close protection services for demanding clients with unusual risk profiles.


Our EPT are all specialized in planning and providing personal protection including static security for residences, offices and meeting venues as well as mobile security during domestic or international travel.


Our security teams can be both armed and unarmed, depending on the situation and our client’s needs. Since proper planning and team coordination are essential to our client’s safety, our EP officers gets involved at an early stage to ensure that all security details are covered by organizing advance visits to proposed travel destinations to identify routes, sites being visited, local  security and medical resources and types of available transportation.


Ovit can also monitor the selection and training of client’s protection personnel in order to specify and confirm that they possess all critical skills such as evasive driving, surveillance recognition and countermeasures.


In advance Ovit's Technology Design Consulting (TDC) can frequently interface with yours firm’s Protection Services to insure that leading edge technology in the areas of video surveillance and detection systems are deployed to insure the maximum level of protection.

We select, train and deploy skilled and experienced personnel. Our executive security offering is comprised of security professionals trained above the standard of national guarding  license.

Needs Covered :

  • Current security system effectiveness & Physical Security Penetration Test

  • Risk Estimation & Security reviews (quarterly)

  • ​Risk Reduction Strategies planning & Implementation

  • Threat, impact, Consequence analysis & Continuity Planning

  • ​Security Masterplan Drafting

  • Close Protection Teams  (VIP Professionals) deployment

  • Highly Trained Security Officers deployment as a service

  • Armed - Escorts ( with notice & under legal requirements)

  • Armoured cars Purchase  or Lease

  • Advanced Security Intel service

  • Facility Characterization

  • Deployment of Physical Security Architects


Level  2

Executive Security

We cannot eliminate the risk,

but we can surround it

We want to make our client’s lives easier, and safer. With cutting-edge technology, we’re able to provide an incredible range of products and services to protect what matters to you

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