[BS 7499:2013, ISO IEC 27001:2013]

Just as cyber security is critical for a business to remain relevant, the quality of the physical security equipment is also vital for every organization.

It’s imperative that your physical security equipment provides the highest level of protection for all of your assets. Furthermore, it must be able to continuously perform on a daily basis without fail.

In the digital age, physical security is becoming tightly woven into the fabric of the IP network. The network is now the central platform to connect physical security systems like security camera systems and access control padlocks to enable converged security.

Automated Gates and Barriers
Image analysis, recognition and analytics
Lighting control
Long range surveillance including thermal imaging
Advanced intrusion detection and identification, including seismic, pressure, volumetric, movement, visible, sound and heat detectors
Video analytics and behavioral analysis with scope to shoplifting Prevention
Advanced recording and analysis
PA systems with automated messaging options
Alarm Management
Access Control and validation
Storage and Back Up of video
On-Line retrieval of video

Physical Security

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