Threat Assessment

Through Ovit’s liaison network of Law Enforcement Professionals, Ovit can offer a threat assessment which will provide a review of local crime statistics, interviews with local community members, interviews with local law enforcement and evaluation of national crime trends in relation to the competition with your industry.  This will determine a threat level and will help you make more informed of what specific threats are impacting businesses just like yours.

The Threat Assessment will include the following:
  • Interviews from no less than three businesses/members of the community in relation to their knowledge of any threats to your specific facility/property.

  • Interview of local law enforcement to uncover any known entities which could do harm to your operation.

  • Review of Local Crime Statistics & Reports to uncover potential threats to your business.

  • Review of critical infrastructure within a half-mile radius which could impact the operations of your facility.

  • Hard and Digital Copy of the Threat Assessment Report

  • Consequence Assessment
  • Through an evaluation of your of business operation and the preparedness of your facility, Ovit  can develop a Consequence Assessment which would give you a better understanding of the consequences of a successful attack, or loss at your facility. Knowing the consequences of not mitigating a threat by addressing a vulnerability will let your company know exactly what its level of Risk is, whether High, Medium, or Low.

Consequence Assessment Report will include the following:

  • Evaluation of your operating revenue and the impact of a cease of operations.

  • A rating of consequence on your business operations in the event of an attack or loss

  • Hard and Digital Copy of the Threat Assessment Report